Albion Research Ltd.

We've been around a while. Albion Research Ltd. was established in 1993 to provide clients with high quality technical and scientific consulting in computer science and related areas. Since then we've worked with a wide range of companies on software and product development.

Since 1989 we've been based in Ottawa, Ontario, just west of Kanata.

Our Team

We're a very small company which means that when we work with you on a project you always know exactly who you will be dealing with. Our current team is:

  • Mike (Principal Consultant)

    Chances are that if you employ us, it's Mike's services you need. Mike has a computer science degree from Cambridge University, ans ha has worked on projects as diverse as red team air defence planning, compiler design, data mining, automated reasoning, and business continuity.

    Mike is fluent in Ruby, Java, C++ and C# (as well as some really obscure languages) in Linux, Android, and Windows environments. His professional interests include security and risk management, as well the design of high performance algorithms. He also runs a blog and newsletter on risk management, security, and business continuity. (

  • Amanda (Marketing & Administration)

    Amanda has worked in a diverse range of industries including oilfield exploration, soft toys, technical consulting, and rare books. If you call us, it's quite likely that initially you will be chatting with Amanda.

  • Natalie (Asia Consultant)

    Natalie has a first class degree in psychology with a minor in Asian studies. She is current working on her M.A. in East Asian studies. If we need to work with documentation in Chinese, Japanese or Korean, or need advice on Asian cultural norms for a product (yes, colors and button placements need to be different!), it's Natalie we will be calling upon.

  • Douglas (Games and Gamification)

    If your project involves game design or gamification, we will be calling on Douglas for his encyclopedic knowledge of modern games and game culture for his brutally honest assessments.

We will also augment our team for your project with other specialists if needed. We believe it is important that you know and have confidence in the people who are working with you. We will always seek prior approval for any staff we commit to your project.

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