A Miscellany of Useful(?) Pages for Webmasters and Others

This section of the website contains utilities which were originally developed for internal use. As we are fortunate enough to have a web hosting provider with reasonable bandwidth limits, we are able to make them available for others to use.

  • The URLEncode and URLDecode Page.
    Convert strings to/from URLEncoding (as used in URLs and forms).
  • The Email Address Obfuscator page.
    Address harvesting robots often can't parse HTML correctly. We can take advantage of that.
  • Sex Sells: A note on image leeching
    Image leeching — where another website loads your images as part of its content without your permission — is annoying. Fortunately it is also an opportunity to have some fun at their expense.
  • ISBN10 to ISBN13 Converter.
    If you love books, you know what these are and why they matter.
  • Kelly Criterion
    Optimal investment strategies for risky ventures.
  • Recommended Books.
    As consultants we often get asked to recommend books. Here are some of our recommendations.
  • Some obscure problems solved. These are problems which took an unreasonably long time to solve but which you won't care about unless you have a similar problem. This link is so that you can find the answer to the problem with a search engine. It's really not a link worth following if you are a mere human.
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