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Sadly there are a number of "spambots" which roam the web "harvesting" email addresses to send spam to. Often you have no choice but to include a mailto link with an email address in a web page. Fortunately most of these spambots do not seem to have complete HTML parsers, and most do not execute JavaScript.

This free Email Address Obfuscator uses obfuscation to generate a "mailto:" link which will confuse naïve spambots, but will still work in standard browsers. It also generates an alternative version which requires a Spambot to execute JavaScript.

Email Address: (Needs JavaScript)
Obfuscated Address Link
(no JavaScript in page)

(Click on text then Copy)
Obfuscated Address Link
(using JavaScript in page)

(Click on text then Copy)

Use the second version if you can assume that all users coming to your site have JavaScript enabled in their browsers. (e.g. if you require JavaScript for other site functionality).

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