Past Projects

These are some of the projects Mike has worked on in the past:

  • Plan424. Design and development of cloud-based business continuity planning tool for mobile phones. [AWS, EC2, S3, RDS, Heroku , Ruby, Java, Linux, Android]
  • Risk Assessment Toolkit. Design and implementation of tool for analyzing business processes, resources, and threats to produce a Risk Assessments and analyses. [C#, C++, .Net, Win32]
  • Intelligent Log Analysis. Design of a novel tool to locate unknown anomalies in very large log files where the nature of the anomalies is not known in advance. [Ruby]
  • JSON API test framework. Design and implementation of a framework for testing a product's API calls conformed to specifications. [Java, JUnit, Spring, JBoss/Wildfly]
  • PlanBuilder. Responsible for design and implementation of a tool for creating business continuity plans. [C#, C++, .Net, Win32]
  • Licensing Key System. Design and development of a mechanism using public key cryptography to restrict usage of a product to licensed users. [C, Crypto]
  • IQ. Design and development of novel distributed data mining tool to analyze causes of yield loss in semiconductor yield. [C++, DCOM, Win32]
  • Q-Yield. Redesign and reimplementation of a data mining tool for semiconductor yield analysis to achieve reliability and very significant performance improvements. [C++, Win32]
  • Linkbot. Design and development of all non-UI functions of a successful product for the rapid multi-threaded spidering and parsing of websites to detect errors. [C++, Win32, Network]
  • ICP/MS. Project leader for team updating and maintaining software for controlling a mass spectrometer and associated laboratory sampling equipment. Design and addition of cryptographic functions to prove integrity of data. [C++, Win32, Crypto]
  • Turnaround Planning. Design of algorithms and heuristics for optimizing plans for refinery refurbishment. [C++]
  • Emitter Identification. Project Leader for the analysis, design, and implementation of algorithm and domain specific language for radar emitter recognition. [Classified]
  • Red Team Plan Generator Design and development of experimental framework for simulating air-defense scenarios. [Classified]
  • SAGE. Specified, designed, and implemented the language and compiler for an expert system product.

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