These are some products and resources we created to meet either external or internal requirements:

  • A major problem with business continuity is that nobody reads the plan until it's too late. This product we wrote helps solve that problem by putting the plan where it's easily accessible and easy to browse — on your staff's mobile phones.
  • If you share our frustration logging in to the WiFi at your local coffee shop using your mobile phone, then this Android app we wrote may be just what you need.
  • When we had problems with repetitive strain injury, we created this product to help us (and other people) to follow thier doctor's advice and take regular rest breaks. (Unfortunately it's Windows-only)
  • Need URL encoding? To convert an ISBN-10 to an ISBN-13? To obfuscate an email address? Here are a collection of free tools we created to help us when maintaining websites.
  • If you take repeated risks, then you should be aware of the Kelly Criterion which is the theoretically optimal proportion of your capital to risk on any one event.
  • Some notes we wrote on data mining that are frequently referenced, including a note on market basket analysis which was once plagiarized as a Wikpedia entry!
  • We often get asked to suggest books. Here are some of our past and current recommendations.
  • Some problems take an unreasonably long time to solve but are uninteresting unless you have a similar problem. Here are some solutions we found. (This link is purely for search engines. It's highly unlikely any of these solutions are of interest to you.)

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