Welcome to Albion Research

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My objective when setting up Albion Research was to provide our clients with a professional approach to software research and development.

I wanted to make use of my experience in advanced prototype software development to help clients develop software which didn't just move data around, but processed data in interesting ways exploiting novel algorithms and the latest scientific research.

Our past projects page will give you an idea of some of the types of project we have worked on.

Do you have a software project you are considering? Or do you need an experienced software developer to augment your development team?

If so, please contact me to see how we can help.

Mike Bell
Founder, Albion Research Ltd.

Albion Research is an Ottawa-based software development company that prides itself on taking a professional approach. This means that when you work with us you get:

We work in many different areas, but our specialized knowledge includes:

We particularly enjoy working on projects where requirements are still to be determined, or where better algorithms or approaches are needed to meet performance objectives.

We mainly work in:

When not working remotely, we generally work in the Ottawa / Kanata area.

If you need an experienced software developer to either undertake a complete project or to augment your software development team, please contact us.