Past Projects

We have been lucky enough to work with great clients on some fascinating projects!

Here are some of the most interesting ones:

Design and development of a cloud-based business continuity planning tool for mobile phones.
Business Continuity, Emergency Response Planning, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, RDS, Cloudfront), HTML5 Apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Ruby, Java, Linux, Android
Risk Assessment Toolkit
Design and implementation of tool for analyzing business processes, resources, and threats to produce a Risk Assessments and analyses.
Risk Analysis, Business Continuity, HTML, C#, C++, .Net, Win32, Windows
Syslog Server for IoT Debugging
Developed a command line syslog server written in Go for investigating and debugging IoT and similar devices. The application is open-source, and is available on Github.
Go, network programming, Syslog protocols.
Crash Reporting Library
Designed and developed a C++ library for generating crash reports for a well-known company in this field. The library differs from most other libraries in that it is designed to be easy to audit and to meet end-user privacy requirements. (The client intends to open-source this library in the future.)
Win32/Win64 stack trace and exception handling, API development, C++
Paranoid for Android
A free tool to determine which downloaded apps could invade your privacy, spend your money, or do evil things with your Android phone.
Java, Android
Anomalous Event Finder
Design and development of a tool for identifying anomalous events in very large log files using statistical techniques.
Parsing, Data Analysis, Ruby, Linux
JSON REST API test framework
Design and implementation of a framework for testing a product's API calls conformed to specifications. This included parsing and analyzing the specifications to produce JUnit test code
Java, JUnit, Spring, JBoss/Wildfly, Ruby
Telecommunication Network Analysis
Worked with a small team maintaining a product which analyzed high volumes of network data to identify and localize outages and other problems.
Telecom, Rails, Ruby, C++, Casssandra, Linux
Design and implementation of a product for the interactive creation and editing of business continuity plans
C#, C++, .Net, Win32, Windows
Licensing Key System
Design and development of a mechanism using public key cryptography to restrict usage of a product to licensed users
Cryptography, C++
Design and development of novel distributed data mining tool to analyze causes of yield loss in semiconductor yield.
Statistical inference, Data Mining, C++, Win32, Windows
Redesign and re-implementation of a data mining tool for semiconductor yield analysis to achieve reliability, improve accuracy, and increase performance by orders of magnitude using improved algorithms and data structures.
Statistical inference, Data Mining, AI, C++, Win32, Windows
Design and development of all non-UI functions of a successful product for the rapid multi-threaded spidering and parsing of websites to detect errors.
Network Protocols, C++, Win32, Windows
Project leading a team to update and maintain software for controlling a mass spectrometer and ancillary laboratory equipment.
C++, Win32, Windows
Oil Refinery Refurbishment Scheduling
Design of algorithms and heuristics for optimizing plans for refinery refurbishment.
Planning and Scheduling algorithms
Research into Air Traffic Tools
Headed a study investigating the possible use of AI-based tools to augment human air traffic controllers in controlling airspace
Air Traffic Control (ATC), Artificial Intelligence
Emitter Identification
Project Leading a team for the analysis, design, and implementation of an algorithm and domain specific language for radar emitter recognition.
Radar Emitter Identification, ESM, AI, Automated Reasoning, [Classified]
Red Team Plan Generator
Working with a team to design and develop a framework to simulate air-defense scenarios.
Air Defense, AI, Automated Planning, [Classified]
SAGE Expert System
Specified, designed, and implemented the language and compiler for a successful expert system product.
Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Knowledge Engineering

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(Please note that client confidentiality may limit how much we can tell you about some of these projects).