Artificial Intelligence Companies in Canada

This is a list of companies conducting research and development in artificial intelligence in Canada. It does not include companies which are purely resellers of technology developed elsewhere.

We rely on visitors to this site to help keep this list up to date. If you know of another company that should be on this list, have a better concise description of a listed company, or if one of the companies listed here has met an untimely end, please let us know using our contact form.

Albion Research Ltd.
What:Consulting, research, and software development. Specialized areas include risk analysis and risk management.
Where:Ottawa, Ontario
AND Corporation
What:Neural networks, "Biomimetic Intelligence"
Where:Toronto, Ontario
Applied AI Systems Inc.
What:Autonomous mobile robots
Where:Ottawa, Ontario
BluWave Inc.
What:Application of AI to electricity grid optimization problems.
Where:Ottawa, Ontario
Delta-X Research
What:Interpretation of transformer insulating oil dissolved-gas and physical test data.
Where:Victoria, BC
Norsys Software Corp.
What:Bayes net software for diagnosis, prediction, prognostics, risk management, GIS, and data analysis in medicine, industry, engineering and ecology.
Where:Vancouver, BC
Quadrillion Corporation
What:Data mining semiconductor fab data to improve yield.
Where:Ottawa, Ontario

Other Canadian AI Resources

The Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association seeks to promote interest and activity in AI. It is the official arm of the AAAI in Canada, and holds annual conferences

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